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What is your guest policy?2024-01-05T11:37:19-07:00

Bronze Recreational Members are allowed 2 guests per month at no cost – additional guests will be assessed a fee of $24.99/person per day. No more than 6 guests are allowed in a given day. A waiver form must be completed for every Cowtown guest.  Guests 8 – 20 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  All guests must be legally able to possess/use a firearm and possess a valid government-issued photo ID.

How do I book a range?2024-01-05T11:38:46-07:00

Click on the “RESERVATION” button in the top menu. All members must complete the Range Orientation Course before access is giving to book any range time.

How do I become a member?2024-01-05T11:39:39-07:00

Please visit our “Memberships” page to learn more and apply for a Cowtown Membership.

What times can I visit the range?2024-01-05T11:40:54-07:00

Come by any time during office hours and one of our staff members can give you a tour of Cowtown Range.

Is there AR500 steel on the range?2024-01-05T11:41:43-07:00
Yes. The platforms both have AR500 steel throughout the hillside. Members can also rent steel shapes and silhouette targets for the bays.
What type of ammo is allowed on the range?2019-05-06T17:52:23-07:00

Cowtown does NOT allow:  Tracers, Binary Explosives (such as Tannerite), AP ammo, API ammo, Steel core ammo, or Fireworks.

Cowtown recommends you bring the following to the range:  Ear and Eye Protection, Drinking Water, First Aid Kit, and Extra Guest Waivers.

Lastly, have a great time and don’t forget your are responsible for your guest and any fire/safety hazards.

How do I cancel my membership?2019-03-18T18:35:04-07:00
You can either send an email or contact us by phone requesting your membership be cancelled.
Are there regular events and competitions?2024-01-05T11:43:23-07:00
Yes. Cowtown offers a weekly handgun competitions and a monthly 3-gun/2-Gun/Accurize AR competition as well as classes and special events.
Can I work with a firearms trainer?2019-04-30T16:00:37-07:00
Yes, shoot us an email at or give us a call and we’ll get you hooked up.
What are your operating times?2024-01-05T11:45:41-07:00

Cowtown hours for the range and paintball do change over the course of the year.  Please click this link to see our current hours of operation.

What is the minimum age for a shooter?2024-01-05T11:47:52-07:00
Shooters 8 – 20 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase a membership. Shooters 8 – 20 years old may be “members” under a family membership only, but are still required to be accompanied by a member parent or guardian 21 years of age or older.


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