Tired of noisy, crowded indoor ranges with narrow shooting lanes? At Cowtown Range, our shooting bays and platforms are 30-50 YARDS WIDE with lots of space whether you’re shooting alone, in a small group, or in a training course. The weather is outstanding in Arizona and the scenery at Cowtown is unbeatable. You can shoot from morning ‘til after dark at Cowtown – all year round. We have shade covers on all of our bays and platforms and you’re welcome to bring pop-up tents for bigger groups.  Train and grow your skills in a safe environment with like-minded, responsible gun owners.

Corporate Memberships:

If you’re a training company, manufacturer, security company, Research & Development firm, or any other commercial company that needs a place to train, test products, demo products, hold an event, etc. just sign up for a corporate membership and use the range all you want.


  • Low join fee
  • Unlimited use of our bays and long-range platforms for a low hourly fee of $34.99/hour
  • 24/7 online scheduling
  • Extended hours of operation 363 days/year
  • Night-time use until 8:00PM every night



For all commercial companies that want to test, demo or hold events at a customer-friendly range with unique capabilities for all of your needs. Enjoy the membership with a yearly fee of $99.99/year and a one-time registration fee of $99.99. After that enjoy as much range time for $34.99/hour, no max to the number of guest.


If your a Trainer and want to get the most out of your students then cowtown is for you, enjoy flexable scheduling and a range dedicated to your training requirements. Enjoy a low upfront cost $99.99/year and then book as much range time as you need at $34.99/hour. Companies looking to joint Cowtowns Instructor Membership can have up to 6 instructors per account only a one-time fee of $99.99.


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Operations Handbook

All members or other users of Cowtown Range must read and comply with the Operations Handbook


Being a gun owner comes with a certain territory: being responsible. At Cowtown Range, we give you the flexibility to train when and how you want, trusting that you will use your weapons responsibly. Whether you want to work on pistol skills, long-range training, shooting from different positions, or training on different weapons systems and calibers, our range provides safe, real-world settings for you to practice your sport.

Are there events and competitions?

Yes, we provide a weekly pistol competition, a weekly Pistol Caliber Carbine competition, a monthly Accurized AR match, a monthly 3-Gun/2-Gun match, a Fall/Winter Night-Fire Match and an annual 3-Gun match; plus we host a monthly long-range match provided by AZLRPS. We also host periodic Industry Expositions and Events!”

What type of ammo is allowed?

Reloads, ball and frangible ammo types are all allowed. NOT allowed: Tracer or armor-piercing rounds.

Can I rent targets paper/steel as part of my membership?

Cowtown offers a wide variety of rental steel shapes, silhouette targets, and cardboard/paper targets for the east bays.