Richard Shaw


Richard Shaw holds a BS from University of Arizona, a JD from Arizona State University, and a  MPA from Harvard University.  He was a Naval Flight Officer and Legal Officer in the U.S. Navy with service in Viet Nam as a navigator on a P-3 Orion. Richard has diversified, international business and legal experiences spanning several industries, including retail, real estate, finance, marina development, entertainment property, consulting and related legal work.

His business focus has been founding or co-founding a variety of domestic and international start-up companies, to include Cowtown Range and Shooters World in Arizona.  Richard has a wide range of public service experience, to include Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse and firearms instructor, School Board Member, ASU guest lecturer, Harvard University advisor, FBI white collar crime consultant, and Federal Bankruptcy Trustee.

Rick Shaw

Principal, General Manager

Rick has been responsible for the daily operations of Cowtown Range and GPS Defense Sniper School since March of 2016.  Rick holds a BA in Business Administration and History, and a Juris Doctor degree. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 20 years as an artillery officer and judge advocate and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2006.  Rick is experienced in manual and computer gunnery calculations, ballistics and safety protocols.  Rick operates several commercial real estate businesses and is licensed to practice law in Arizona, Louisiana, and North Carolina.  His legal experience includes prosecution, criminal defense, and commercial real estate.

Domenica Shaw

Office and Marketing Manager

Domenica has been involved in Cowtown Range since March of 2016.  Her primary responsibilities include business office operations, marketing and customer service. Domenica’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Syracuse University.  She is a licensed Occupational Therapist and has practiced in the State of Arizona and Rhode Island. She has spent the bulk of her career practicing in Arizona for over 23 years. Domenica has exceptional interpersonal skills and enjoys helping people. She assists her husband, Rick, in operating several small businesses including Cowtown Range.

Johnny Sticca

Membership and Special Use Manager

Johnny has been a valued employee of Cowtown Range since March of 2016. He developed and maintains Cowtown’s membership program and online scheduling tool, and also serves as our liaison for government agency special uses.  Johnny is an active duty police officer for a major metropolitan police department with over 18 years’ experience.  Johnny operated his own firearms training company for many years specializing in law enforcement training for various Arizona agencies.

Tony Lytton

Match Director

Tony has been operating Cowtown’s match competitions since 2018 and has been a competitive shooter since 2012.  He has an extensive background in 3-Gun competitions and excellent experience in USPSA pistol matches.  Tony has grown Cowtown’s competitions program from one weekly match to two weekly matches, three monthly matches, and one annual match.  Tony’s matches are reputed as some of the most enjoyable and efficient in metro Phoenix.

Josh Johnston

Match Coordinator

Josh has been assisting with Cowtown’s match competitions since 2018 and has been an important factor in growing and improving Cowtown’s robust competitions program.  Josh is a jack-of-all trades and his enthusiasm and energy is critical to the timely set up, operation, and tear down of Cowtown’s matches – he is an integral part of our match success.

Dewayne “Lattigo” Foster

Range Security

“Lattigo” has been providing security at Cowtown Range since the Civil War (well, maybe not quite that long).  He is a living legend of Cowtown and is an important part of keeping the range safe and secure.  He can be seen driving the range in his white pick-up truck and he’s always ready to tell some entertaining stories about his stuntman days, Civil War reenactment days, Gun-fighting days, and movie roles.  Feel free to stop and chat with him any time.